Nuctron has wide range of software products and applications like enterprise software in which manufacturing execution system, vendor management system, inventory management system & resource planning system and other which you will discover here. We have ready mobile applications to extend the reach of our software to the next level.


Our software products & apps highlights.

It can be extend upto any level of expansion.

Our software products package can be integrate almost any kind of systems with any kind of machines, equipment or IoT devices and there is no limits.

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Great Support.

Our support is the major and primary aspect to insure to keep it running always.


Affordable Price

Available in very affordable price so that it can reach to every need of IT solution.


Data Security.

In our software products the security is top priority to prevent any breaches.



Manufacturing Execution System.

Nuctron Manufacturing execution system is capable of completely automate any manufacturing oprations with machine learning capabilities.

Repair Execution System.

Nuctron repair execution system manage any kind of electronics repairing operations with flexible number of stages and inspections process.

TV Manufacturing Software.

Our TV manufacturing execution system manages all the execution from production planning to each stage operations with multi mode simulation.

Mobile Manufacturing Software.

Nuctron mobile manufacturing execution system completely automate mobile production operations with processor level read and write features.

Panel Repair Software.

Nuctron panel repair execution system handles led panel repair operations from inspection to repair, quality check, soaking & dispatch process.

STB Repair Software.

Nuctron set top box repair execution system handles STB repair operations from inspection to repair, quality check, soaking & dispatch process.

Mobile Repair Software.

Nuctron mobile repair execution system handles mobile repair operations from auto inspection to repair, quality check, soaking & dispatch process.

Human Resource Management.

Nuctron HRMS has advanced and smart attendance system, leave management, payroll management, performance system & many more smart features.

Inventory Management System.

Nuctron has very high performance inventory management system whci can manage any assembly line inventories with BOM and tracking features.

Vendor Management System.

We have advanced vendor management system for any organisation that can optimize their contract management and vendor relationships.

vehicle Tracking System.

Nuctron vehicle tracking system can easily integrate with any existing systems or SAP to track vehicles accurately even on mobile apps.

Restaurant POS.

Nuctron's restaurant POS is perfect point of sale software to manage any restaurants daily operations and transaction in very smart way.

School Management System.

Nuctron school management system is dveloped to fit any schools daily usage with smart attendace, timetable, fee management and many more.

College Management System.

Nuctron school management system is an advanced system with smart attendace, timetable, fee, staff payroll, courses management & many more.

Bulk Email Scheduler.

Nuctron has developed an advanced bulk email scheduler with chronologically scheduling and with multiple attachments.

Bulk SMS Scheduler.

Nuctron has developed an advanced bulk SMS scheduler with chronologically scheduling or with repeating features.

IoT Web Connector.

We have an advanced api which has the power to connect almost any kind of IoT device to the web and generate any kind of functionalities on this.

SAP Web Connector.

Nuctron has an advanced api which can connect with SAP easily and makes a bridge between SAP & a web appliaction and enhance it's functionalities.

Premium WP Themes.

Nuctron has some collections of premium & smart wordpress themes with multi purpose functionalities and advanced theme options.

Premium WP Plugins.

Nuctron has wide range of premium wordpress plugins which are capable to make any kind of enhancement to any existing wordpress theme.

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At Nuctron, we have highly skilled & experienced team, who are committed to develop and design enterprise softwares and mobile applications to almost every kind of industries and ideas.

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